Transformers 5: The Last Knight

Cloud 12 were approached by the production in order to help mitigate the risks of aerial filming and provide aerial services on Micheal Bay's latest take on the Transformers franchise.  The sequel to Age of Extinction, this movie demanded even more from crew and cast alike.  Securing permission, training of crew and flying in tricky situations were able part and parcel of the work Cloud12 carried out.


Cloud 12 were enlisted to provide epic aerial shots in this Hollywood Blockbuster.  The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, this movie demanded bigger spectacle.  Flying in congested London areas, we were able to secure permissions and offer the technical flight skills that were demanded.  Shot on RED at 6K.



This superbly well shot low budget feature demanded outstanding aerial shots to raise its production value, and give the movie the look of something with 10 times the budget.  Shooting in remote areas of the Peak District, we captured some of the movies most memorable moments. Shot on BlackMagic 4K.


One of the first feature films Cloud 12 worked on. We had an epic 'pull out' shot which would have special effect elements and actually transition to a fully digital effect frame.  No mean task, but we pulled it off and the final shots look great.

Shooting at night, we filmed an action sequence involving exploding aeroplanes on an airfield - a challenging shoot requiring skilled flying, and precise camera work in order to get the timing right while the pyrotechnics were deployed.




Cloud 12 provided aerial shots for the KitKat advert.  Shooting in tight areas in a dockyard in the east of the UK, we shot on Red Epic and provided a real time HD downlink.

New 2015 TV advert featuring Cloud 12 shots from the start. Flyng Olivia and RED Dragon capturing footage at 6K, we flew in multiple locations, requiring special permissions from multiple stakeholders for some congested areas.

Welsh Water Advert

Freeview TV Spot

This was a one day shoot in the Gloucestershire countryside near our HQ.  We were tasked to scout locations and the production team settled on this one to help relay their message.


We filmed in the Elan Valley in Wales, and provided all of the aerial shots - including our final 'steadicam to crane to helicopter' shot. 


Not Giving In - Rudimental


This music video was shot in Manila in the Philippines and was Cloud 12's first 'big gig'.  The aerial shots really give the film huge production value, and the location was simply awesome! 

Working on the Isle Of Skye in Scotland UK, the weather was against us, but shooting with the SkyJib 8 V2 and the MoVI head with Canon 5D, we were able to pull together some great shots!


GT Academy (Series 3)


GT Academy 2014 (season 4)

Cloud 12 were once again invited to join the hard working crew for a full on week of aerial filming at Silverstone for the North American TV show GT Academy. Shooting on Canon 5D Mk III.

Our friends at the North American GT Academy asked Cloud 12 to give them some unique perspectives for season 3 of this adrenaline fuelled show


Clarks Originals


Filming using RED Epic and Zeiss Primes, Cloud 12 were sent to Glastonbury, in the south west of the UK to film some aerial shots for this promo.

We recently shot some aerials for Fiction Foundry, our sister company, who have produced a short film promo for a leading Go-Kart company in Chippenham in the South West UK. Shot on Sony F55 and Canon C300.

Neville - A Short Film

This is a short film called Neville.  It was funded by Panasonic and we were asked to fly their new GH3 camera as part of their promotional campaign. 

The aerial shots added some great production value and some great 'zing' which comes through in the final film.   For the first time our Octo shot was used as a POV for a Pterodactyl! 


Shooting with our sub 7Kg quadcopter carrying a GoPro Hero 4 Black, we provided the aerial shots throughout this new TV pilot.  Shooting with a sub 7Kg drone makes it easier to seek the correct permissions and allows for more variety during a shoot; especially if your shoot is low budget.

At Cloud 12 towers, we love thinking up new ways to use drones that will thrill audiences.  Once thing we wanted to try was going from an aerial shot to handheld and indoors with no cuts, whilst remaining stable.  The ideas are endless with this kind of photography - what can you come up with!?

 'Miru' - To See (720 degree film)

Cloud 12 supplied the aerial shots for what we think is a world first: a 720 degree fi lm from an Octocopter within a narrative.

To play with the full interactive version - click HERE.  You can see how we made this film in the 'Making of Miru' film below. 

Cloud 12 were approached by our friends at Stink Digital in London to help with a very ambitious project - shooting a 720 degree video from an Octocopter!

With CG elements adding to the complexity of the project, this was a really fun but mind bending production!

Showreel (2011) 

Our gimble in action

This is an archive version of our 2011 Showreel

Our 'old' gimbal in action.  The MoVI is superior in every way!