Aerial Filming Consultancy

UAS & Drone Filming Professionals

Adopting a new form of filming technology can seem daunting. However, our team of industry aerial filming experts are not only leading in our field, they also bring with them a wealth of experience in yours. Many of our team have come from camera, production and aviation roles. We help you to identify the crucial benefits of drone solutions to your production, always with a view to minimise any risk. Using our standard framework-based methodology we’ll help you to design and implement your vision for unmanned filming technology.


At Cloud12 our dedicated drone consultancy team includes commercial, safety, legal and technical expertise to ensure drones are deployed and operated safely for your production. 

We work with some of the world’s biggest production companies and studios to ensure that UAV technology is deployed in a controlled and secure way. To do this, we have built a team of experts that understand not only the technology, but also the application of that technology within the film industry and the different challenges each operating environment presents.

How We Work

Once we have undertaken an initial audit of your production and understood your requirements for aerial filming, we will then build a business case for the safe deployment of drones on your behalf to ensure that you get the shots you want with minimum risk.

However, our service doesn’t end there. By working with Cloud12, you will have access our umbrella company Consortiq and their market-leading integrated drone ecosystem that includes drone software, safety management systems, hardware procurement and support, training and support services (such as insurance). Find out more.

We guarantee you’ll have complete confidence in our recommendations and subsequent roll out aerial filming on your production.