Reckless drone flying

Early in July a certain individual decided that he would capture footage of planes landing at Tel Aviv Airport. Not only was this a danger to the plane but also the below below it. Had there been a collision between the UAV and the plane in question then the resulting consequences could have been disastrous.

DJI, who are the world’s leading company in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology publicly came out to adress this case in particular "... DJI condemns in the strongest possible terms a video posted by a drone user that records landing of aircraft at Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport. The user, Niv Stubenski, claims to have filmed the landings with a DJI Mavic Pro quadrocopter."

Sadly for DJI and the rest of the UAV community this case in particular, while extreme in nature, is not an isolated event. DJI have pledged to assist national aviation authorities as they investigate a recent wave of photos and videos showing clear and intentional lawbreaking in ways that pose real danger to manned air traffic.

Recently there have been media reports of "Russian hackers" being able to implement flight control parameter modifications that enable DJI drones to circumvent built-in safety features, including geofencing restrictions.

Sadly, this will only help to further stricter regulations from governing bodies. These governing bodies are now considering not only going after rogue uav pilots but also those that hire them.