CAA Approved Drone Qualification

Cloud 12 is one of the most respected drone operators in the world with an enviable reputation for delivering difficult and technically challenging shots to the film and television industry, while maintaining an impeccable reputation for safety.  Finding pilots to join our team has been a tough challenge, so we partnered with UAV-Air to deliver a CAA approved drone qualification to new pilots who wish to fly commercially in the United Kingdom.

A new industry leading training course has been designed from the ground up by an effective mix of ATPL (Airline Transport Pilots Licence) pilots, and UK leading commercial UAV pilots from both Cloud 12 and UAViate.  Bringing you the best from both sectors of aviation, the course has been created with your commercial drone career in mind.  From safety, to air law we will deliver the best competency practices making you stand out in the industry.

Get qualified in just 3 days

The Integrated UAQ course is the first of its kind in the UK and has the stamp of approval from the CAA.  Providing you meet the minimum criteria, you can sit the ground school and theory exam in days 1 and 2 with your flight skills test completing the course on day 3.  This will allow you to immediately be qualified to fly under an already existing PFAW (Permission For Aerial Work).

Drone Flight Training

UAV-Air and Cloud 12 have also devised a drone training package that will take ab initio students and guide them to becoming excellent commercially aware pilots.  Being instructed by current UAV pilots with over 50 years combined flight experience, your skills will be honed and your procedures crafted to give you the best possible start to your new career.

To find out more about the CAA approved NQE (National Qualified Entity) or to book on to the next UAV Qualification Course, go to