Sending A Drone Over Chernobyl

Upon returning from a recent shoot in The Gambia (more on that to come), we were shown a
fantastic piece of footage shot over Chernobyl by a drone. If you have yet to see the footage
which was released last week, we urge you to take a moment to watch it:

‘Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl’ was shot by Danny Cooke whilst working for CBS News on a ‘60 Minutes’ episode which aired back in November '14. Whilst the Chernobyl disaster was 30 years ago, the devastation and the dangers are still present in the region. After the disaster at the nuclear reactor, the Soviets built a tomb to cover it, however it was never intended to last so long. Over the past five years, a mission has been underway to seal the reactor once and for all, however the reality is that the reactor still has the power to kill, and for many, the devastation continues.

Earlier this year, Danny Cooke visited Chernobyl and entered ‘The Zone,’ a 20 mile stretch of land which has now been abandoned for more than 30 years.

"Armed with a camera and a dosimeter Geiger counter," Cooke writes on his Vimeo page, "I explored..."

What we've seen from Cooke’s footage is an incredible piece of film, made even more surreal
by the clever use of drone footage.  Cooke used a drone to get his ‘never seen before’ aerial shots.

Whilst Pripyat is safe to visit for short periods time, with parts of the area being declared safe for public tours, it is safe to say that the aerial footage takes the audience places it simply wouldn't be possible to go by any other means.

This is a truly outstanding piece of film and one which, as eerie as it is, bears testament to just
what is possible with a drone and some imagination!

Cloud 12 Aerial Filming Blog Is LIVE!

Welcome to the first of Cloud 12's new blog posts.  We will be talking about what we are up to, where we are doing it, and what we are flying. But for now, check out the IMDB page of the latest movie we have been supplying aerial shots for.  'CRIMINAL' is due for release sometime in 2015 and stars Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Gal Godot.


Some of our recent flights have been truly ground breaking as we have sought and obtained permission to fly in heavily congested areas in the centre of London.  Never before had the Civil Aviation Authority  given permission for a flight like this, and we certainly had to work hard to convince them, and other stakeholders, such as the Police, borough and film councils, and even the Diplomatic Protection Group that we could perform our flight safely.  Luckily, we had the help of our good friends at UAViate to help facilitate all the permission gathering and we found that as a team we are able to supply an 'off the peg' package to movie productions that would otherwise have to forego the advantages of using an Octocopter.

The CAA and the film council even sent representatives to come and see Cloud 12 in action, and are now using the data from our flights to develop industry wide guidelines on how a safe flight should be undertaken.

Providing aerial cinematography services to the Criminal production team has been exciting, and sometimes nerve wracking! Flying our heavy lift octocopter called Olivia, we supply stunning aerials from a RED Dragon which is mounted on our superb Movi M10 brushless gimbal.

We have an HD downlink and the octocopter and the camera gimbal can be controlled separately in order to deliver dynamic looking shots that just can't be done with any other device in the film makers tool kit.

Ben Keene the MD of Cloud 12 and camera gimbal operator can be seen next to Olivia on the set of CRIMINAL with the RED Epic ready and primed for the next ground breaking flight.

London - we are go for launch!


Keep up to date with what Cloud 12 are up to and more by checking back regularly.