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Cloud 12 specialise in heavy lift drone cinematography.  Using the excellent MōVI stabilised camera head, we can deploy in minutes carrying anything from a Canon 5D to a RED Epic, or Alexa Mini.

Low impact filming compared to a conventional helicopter, with far less expense. Shots can be directed in real time with our HD stream beamed directly to your video village if required.

Fully qualified and insured, with over 50 years combined flying experience, we can tailor flights to suit your project and budget.  With a PFAW from the CAA, we are ready to raise your production value.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Cloud 12 on many occasions and would highly recommend their service. Cloud 12 are a professional and efficient team, who always get fantastic results
— Phil Wood - Oscar Nominated DoP

Looking to take your audience to places you previously thought impossible? Cloud 12 specialise in delivering shots for television and film using cutting edge drones and cameras such as the Red Epic and Arri Alexa Mini, offering specialist aerial cinematography and aerial filming services which have previously been used by the BBC, Atlantic Records and many others.

Our drones can go where cranes or full sized helicopters can’t, offering you an innovative aerial filming solution to ensure you get the shots you need for your production. Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, we pride ourselves in offering an unrivalled level of service, taking cutting edge filming equipment to the skies.

When it comes to aerial cinematography, few have the capabilities to offer what we can; the technology and the experience to deliver the shots you need each and every time. We offer helicopter shots without the helicopter, offering a solution which allows you to get closer to the action.

Why not contact us today on +44 (0)7777 205 1055 to discuss what we can do for you or, in the meantime, see our recent work or read more about us.

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