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Welcome to Cloud 12.  Where our specialist UAVs can take your audience to places you never thought possible! Through buildings? Steadicam to helicopter shots without a cut? Now it's all possible!

Shooting with a full size helicopter can be expensive, time consuming, and dangerous. Get lower, closer to the action whilst still delivering incredible production value, for typically less than half the cost of a manned helicopter!

Cloud 12 are fully licensed and insured.  Sanctioned by the CAA we hold all the necessary BNUC-S qualifications giving you piece of mind that your shoot will be carried out by professionals, using the best equipment.

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Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Filming & Aerial Videography from Cloud 12

Looking to take your audience to places you previously thought impossible? Cloud 12 specialise in delivering shots for television and film using cutting edge UAVs and cameras such as the Red Epic, offering specialist aerial cinematography and aerial filming services which have previously been used by the BBC, Atlantic Records and many others.

Our UAVs can go where cranes or full sized helicopters can’t, offering you an innovative aerial filming solution to ensure you get the shots you need for your production. Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, we pride ourselves in offering an unrivalled level of service, taking cutting edge filming equipment to the skies.

When it comes to aerial cinematography, few have the capabilities to offer what we can; the technology and the experience to deliver the shots you need each and every time. We offer helicopter shots without the helicopter, offering a solution which allows you to get closer to the action.

Why not contact us today on +44 (0)7870 502 904 to discuss what we can do for you or, in the meantime, see our recent work or read more about us.